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Dentist: Lee Zuidema, DDS

Actual Centric Laboratories Patient

We'll Show You How Good a Dental Lab Can Be.

We serve a wide range of clients from the very sophisticated cosmetic dentist to those just starting their careers. Whether you're seeking perfection of your existing technique or wanting to learn a new procedure, we're here for you as a resource you can count on.

Customer service is very important to us. Callers to our lab are greeted by a member of our team who can quickly put you in touch with an in house expert who will provide you with the answers you need. As partners in patient care, we have the tools to help you enjoy doing business with us and increase the profitability of your dental practice.

Straumann® Cares® Guided Surgery

Straumann® Cares® Guided Surgery delivers greater precision and optimal implant position from both a surgical and prosthetic perspective. Better aesthetics, function and cost results are achieved through prosthetic driven backward planning. The Straumann® Guided Surgery Instrument Kit is compatible with most implant manufacturers. We will help you make the most of this great new technology.

Study Models

Whether you want us to look at your study models and provide another perspective, or need to familiarize yourself with processes to take better study models, we can help. We work diligently to ensure a strong foundation that will help deliver straight midlines and precisely mounted study models.

Treatment Planning

We enjoy working closely with our clients and helping them lay out a suggested treatment plan and schedule designed for long term success. Please feel free to contact us with any questions we can assist you with. Our goal is to help each of our clients understand exactly what we need to do our best job and which products will best suit their goals.

Laser Welding

We have a laser welder on site for repairs operated by a highly skilled technician.

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