Actual Patient
Dentist: Lee Zuidema, DDS

Actual Centric Laboratories Patient

Functional Perfection

We're industry leaders, by investing in training and using proven state of the art equipment and techniques. Our staff has been trained at IOAD with Lee Culp, Dawson, LVI and by several other world renowned doctors and technicians. Stuart Bowman, our COO and lead ceramist, is an LVI Certified Master Technician.

Final restorations are delivered with rapid accuracy and a quality that will make your work flow smoother and patients thrilled with the results.

Diagnostic Wax-ups offer big advantages by serving as a strong marketing tool for case presentation, allowing the patient to test drive restorations in the provisional stage, creating the opportunity for the dentist to make changes before the finals are made, and eliminating the need for adjustments after delivery of the case. We mount pre-op casts on a semi adjustable articulator and create an ideal mock up out of beautiful wax contours that establish an ideal bite for function and appearances.

Sil-tech Impressions are easy to use and a great time saver for the dentist. We create them off our diagnostic wax ups and take the extra step of using a wash material that enhances the quality. The end result is ideal temporaries with an intimate fit to all margins.

Sil-tech Reduction Guides are made from the diagnostic wax ups and lay a proper foundation for ideal restorations by helping the dentist determine if preparations are adequate and properly designed.

Acrylic Provisional's let your patients test drive their final restorations while it is still easy to make changes.

Orthotic Bite Splints model a neuro muscular bite to let your patients test drive their new recommended bite and see if it is healthy and comfortable. We are trained and experienced in both centric relation and neuro muscular dentistry.

AppealSM Crowns & Veneers are translucent, hand layered veneers that are unsurpassable in beauty and ideal for patients with the main concern of aesthetic excellence. Shades are built all the way through the material, resulting in a vital, natural, opalescent end result with excellent light transmission.

Empress Crowns & Veneers are beautiful restorations available at more economic rates. They offer an ideal solution for budget minded patients without a need for optimal translucency.

Tattoo Teeth are modified crowns and veneers with embedded custom art. 

e.max® Press Crowns & Bridges are aesthetic all ceramic restorations with very strong lithium disilicate substructures. They are suitable for single to 3 unit bridges.

YZ Crowns & Bridges feature the strongest metal free restorations on the market with the advantage of being very aesthetic while retaining their strength. They are useful for single crowns up to 44 mm bridges and can be conventionally cemented or bonded.

Porcelain Fused to High Noble Crowns & Bridges D-sign or inline porcelain fused to semi precious or high noble alloys.

I.P.S. – E-max Ivoclar's new all inclusive porcelain system gives many options.

Portrait by Click Photographic